mmm…. a bbq restaurant as delicious as fette sau deserves a website delicious enough to have a colorful highlight. too many restaurant websites have crazy flash intros and annoying pdf menus. fette sau rewards both our taste buds with delicous food and our internet browsing with a great website that uses a colorful highlight.

i’m not one to usually hate on a colorful highlight. just having one is usually good, since the effort it takes to put one in requires someone to think of a proper color to set the highlight. for some reason, that did not happen here. perhaps they just copied the code from another website that had a yellow theme, or maybe they were just color blind, but this really doesn’t look very good.

mayors against illegal guns need a serious website to get american voters to demand a plan from presidential candidates on how they will combat gun violence. with a dark gray and yellow color theme, the last thing they wanted was a bright blue highlight ruining the mood. this important campaign requires an important website, and its good to see them properly using a colorful highlight to help emphasize this.

uncommon schools starts and manages urban charter schools. additionally, the uncommon schools website has the unfortunately uncommon colorful highlight. and what better organization to have a colorful highlight than an educational one. shows teachers and other school types can be hip as well, or at least their website can be.

lets be honest, like most restaurant websites, bar websites are overall terrible. an outdated events page, some terrible flash intro, pdf menus, and annoying “contact us” forms that i bet never get checked. well thanks to pony bar, our faith in bar website design is restored.

when the columbia college student council uses a green colorful highlight, you know the future of colorful highlights is bright. these student leaders know that in order to get undergrads interested in student government, there better be a slick looking student government website. looks like the future of the internet is in good hands.

colorful highlights uses tumblr, but we can still recognize a good colorful highlight if its done by a rival blogging tool. the regular wordpress website does not have a colorful highlight, but similar to how columbia libraries has a behind the scenes only colorful highlight, wordpress rewards its vip users with a beautiful deep blue colorful highlight.

some websites choose colorful highlights that match their logo or website color scheme, some choose colorful highlights that contrast. both can work, and both are better than the default. a red white and blue website with a pink colorful highlight? if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

oliver wyman is one of the top management consulting firms in the country. though management consultants are often stereotyped as people who just throw around buzz words and are unable to deliver on their promises, oliver wyman is able to deliver on one very important promise: the promise that they will have a nice looking website.

some people love infographics, some people hate them. we are in the former camp. some say a picture is worth a thousand words. that is crazy since it takes forever to read a thousand words. an infographic is a graphical representation or a set number of words, most likely less than a thousand, and far more digestible. perhaps those who hate infographics just haven’t seen a good one. luckily, compiles some of the best infographics on the internet, and presents them with full colorful highlights. how can you beat that? (h/t @alexholdsworth)